How to prepare yourself to Remove Bed Bugs in a House During Summer?

Bed bugs can survive in all weather temperatures. But they love it in the summertime. They grow the best when it’s summer. Bed bug removal is possible during summers when it is most active. It is also the time when you should be most vigilant. 

Here are Some Tips that can Help You

  1. Be careful when you are vacationing

Bed bugs infest in new homes or anywhere that they land. Bed bug removal is not possible when you are on a vacation. Furthermore, summer is the best time to travel. Check your hotel rooms before bringing all the luggage inside. You should look for bed bug signs before checking in. They can be behind the frames and also around the edges in the rooms. Keep your luggage safely on the shelves. 

  1. Do all the laundry properly

When you are washing your clothes regularly, you are doing Bed bug removal. Any kind of dryer temperature can kill the bed bugs. So, you should wash your clothes frequently. While washing, it creates a dry atmosphere making it difficult for bugs to survive. It kills any bed bug eggs remaining on the sheets thereafter. 

You should always keep a clean house. When the houses are clean, bugs don’t get a chance to enter. Infestation is sooner when the home is messier. So, you can take the help of emergency pest control services to get an easy & quick solution.

  1. Reducing clutter in your homes

Bed bugs simply love clutter at homes. So, if you want to prevent them, you have to keep your houses clean. They get many places to hide during the clutter session. They do infest in clutter-free homes too but you can find it sooner. 

You can discover them better for Bed bug removal. If you have bigger homes, check it for bed bugs now and then. 

  1. Inspection of boxes before bringing them

Whether it is returning from vacation or buying something new, always check and inspect the boxes before bringing them inside. This will automatically help in Bed bug removal. Also, check your shoes and beds for extra care and protection. 

  1. Regular inspection of your homes

Check your homes for bugs every day during the summer. When it’s summer, the temperatures soar. The sooner you see the infestation, the better you can prevent it. Look beyond mattresses, picture frames, and behind walls. 

You can check behind pillows for any red spots. If you see any brown streaks, know you are dealing with the bed bugs. Check the upholstered furniture and then make the decisions. 

If you want a permanent Bed bug solution, go for professional bed bug treatment in Kambah. There are some home remedies you can try but professionals help the best. DIY treatments help in preventing larvae, eggs, leading to future outbreaks. DIY treatments can be dangerous if not done properly. 


Bed bugs are such common problems during summers. You should be prepared for it before summer enters. Clear all racks and shelves and give it a good clean. Once summer reaches, keep looking for any signs of infestation to prevent.